Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I hate checkbooks

What a pain in the bum. I have the money, I'm ready to send it off, but they want a check instead of the cold hard cash in my hand. I don't use checks. I use card. Very rarely do I even have cash. It's all electronic in my financial world. But now, because I want my birth certificate and because I was adopted, it's not just as simple as sending in a form and some money. At least the people that got my original request were nice enough to send me the info I need in order to get my birth certificate and the money I sent them. But now I have to send another form to X, Y, and Z, plus a check. Not cash. Not card. A check. Why a check? Why do they want the stupid piece of paper that says "I have this money" rather than the money itself. What a pain.


Jade said...

Ugh I hate checks as well! I mean, they come in handy at times, but I keep up with all my banking online and some places take forever to take checks in and eventually forget to deduct that check that's just floating out there somewhere. It always throws me off.

*Marie* said...

That is exactly why I don't like them! I don't mind doing bill pay from my bank, because they consider the money spent as soon as the check is sent, which means I don't have to figure that amount when considering how much money is in my account. But A regular checkbook? Forget it. I keep up with our account online once a day, and simplify life. Except for the rare occasion that someone demands a check. Seriously, get with the e-program here.