Friday, December 19, 2008

Loving My Locks

(Both pictures take with my phone- obviously- while at work this morning. I had some time to kill so I flat ironed my hair. Wanted to post more "before" pics.)
For now anyway. I'm still planning to donate my hair once I get another inch or two. But I wanted to show it off. I wish there was a way to see who's going to get it. I hope they like it.

I had a dream the other night that I had cut it already. The haircut I had was SO cute. I'm going to miss having it so long, because it really is so pretty, but I hate having my hair this long. I feel it's a waste of beautiful hair to keep it pulled back all the time. (And yes, I hate it when I see women with long hair that never leave it down!)

After years of growing it out to donate it, it's almost time to cut it off! Just a few more weeks!

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Jade said...

I always struggle with the debate of whether I like my hair long or short! On the one hand, I love the way it looks when it's longer, but I tend to pull it back most of the time anyway and for that it's better short!

Either way I think I'm about to go with a whole new color. I have my dad's hair so I've started the transition between the blonde I've been my whole life into what will eventually be almost black. Right now it's like the anti-color--you couldn't call it blonde, but you certainly couldn't call it brown either. I hate it.