Saturday, December 13, 2008

Now Which One?

Selo and I changed from Verizon to Sprint several months ago. We couldn't decide between the iPhone with AT&T or the Instinct with Sprint, but decided on the Instinct because the Instinct has real GPS, where the iPhone only has Google Maps.

Well, I'm still not used to my Instinct. I love most everything about it, including the touch screen, the convo style messaging, the email, and especially the GPS. But I have two issues with it. First, I can't add a sig to my texts. I learned that early and dealt with it. Don't like it, but oh well. Second, I don't like the touch keyboard when I am texting. I love the touch screen for everything else, but I prefer actual buttons to write with.

I decided to look into the Blackberry Pearl. Went to the store, and was going to get one. My sister was signing up and she was going to get a BP and we would trade. Both of us happy.)But just before her handing over the CC, I asked about texting pic messages. Nope, the BP doesn't do that. What? Are you kidding? It's a Blackberry for crying out loud. So that was a deal breaker.

When I home and did more research. I found the Blackberry Curve was pretty nice, and so was the Palm Centro. I started leaning toward the Centro because of A) the design B) the price and C) most people's only complaint about it was the keyboard, which was exactly why I wanted it. So I decided on the Centro and started looking around for one.

Today, while doing more research (I can never learn enough lol) I found out the Centro doesn't have GPS. Instead it has Google Maps. Ugh! One of the main reasons we chose the Sprint over AT&T was for GPS instead of GM. So much for the Centro solving all my Instinct problems.

So I'm frustrated. I'm still thinking I might get the Centro, if I can find out what this program that gives actual GPS for it is. But I'll probably start looking into the Blackberry Curve again, even though I probably will end up saying no because it's hard to find them at a price in my budget. Or I might even go back to thinking about the Blackberry Pearl. And then again, I might consider the Treo, but I'll have to do plenty of research on that one, too, and I'm not sure I need something THAT intense.

*sigh* Call me picky, but I just want a "Perfect for me" phone. Is it really too much to ask?

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