Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 6 in LV - Thursday

Thursday morning we had a big day planned. We got up and packed up for the day. First we went to see the temple. Look at the gardens and enjoy how beautiful it is. Then we went to the new Marriot Hotel to find out about their program. After being very UNimpressed with it, we left without purchasing or even promising to think about it. After comparing the two, the Marriot is no better than what we already have. But it is more than double the price. Just because of the name. We'll stick with what we have, thankyouverymuch. Leaving the Marriot we rode in a limo shuttle. It was impressive! Black leather seats, beverages, ect. We picked up our tickets for the show that night, and went to find the car. We couldn't find it! So we got this bright idea to hit the alarm button a few times and follow the sound. Three floors later, we found it. Can you believe we heard the alarm through three floors! By that time we were ready for food and then to head off to our show. We went to this wonderful buffet. I was surprised that no one said anything about us having a dog with us, but then again he's a service animal so maybe they knew better than me. When we went to the show, we decided to valet park the car. OMGosh why hadn't we done that all along. What a luxury! We decided right then and there we would valet from that point on. We went to the V show, and it was great. A little bit of everything, and no nudity. All three of us loved it. After the show, we walked around the shops. I went into Victoria's Secret and found an awesome sale. ;) I got a pretty to wear for my husband. Sue found this boutique that was selling a cleaner product she had been looking for. We ended up buying some because of how well it worked. After shopping, we were all exhausted, so it was back to the car, and back to the resort. Thursday was a nice, busy, and fun day.

These are two pics of Selo on the limo shuttle. Sprawling out and enjoying the ambiance.
This is a picture of a dragon on the ceiling.

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