Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Easier than a dentist visit

I had the Mirena taken out yesterday. It wasn't that bad! I was expecting a lot more pain. I mean, my uterus has been wrapped around this little device for four years, there has to be a lot of pain, right? Wrong. It felt like a pinch and tug, and it was over. You know that feeling you get at the dentist when you are getting a numbing shot? It was that same sensation, but not that painful. Afterward, I cramped a bit. It was like very mild period cramps. No bleeding at all, which was also a very pleasant surprise.

The doctor confirmed what Selo and I thought about the IUD- although it is wonderful and has worked like a charm for me, the hormone level in it has been dropping these last few months and that's why it didn't seem to be working as well.

My doctor was really nice, and he was funny. He was excited for us to be having the IUD taken out, it's a big step. He told us we "should get pregnant tonight!" We laughed and told him we weren't THAT ready- I haven't even had a period yet! Honestly, I am looking forward to starting my periods again. I haven't had one in over three years, and I'm looking forward to knowing I'm female and able to bear children.

I was a little concerned about a lot of different hormones messing me up so we couldn't have kids. But he said something that really comforted me. He said he has more cases of women coming in that got pregnant from missing a pill or two, than he has cases of women that go off birth control and struggle to get pregnant. That made me feel a lot better.


Heidi said...

First of all - are you nuts missing your period?? lol Second, good to know about the iud although mine is the one without the hormones. Goodness knows I don't need anything else coursing through my body. Much luck to you both and have fun!

Melissa said...

Good luck to you! I am excited for you!