Monday, February 23, 2009

I want a new car

It's just that simple. I want a vehicle that is reliable.

Our car isn't working again. I drove it to work just fine on Thursday, and it wouldn't start when I tried to leave. Supposedly, there's a short in the wire between the battery and the starter. (Wouldn't that mean I could still push start it? I mean, it IS a stick . . . ) A tow truck will be here in a few minutes to pick it up and take it to a mechanic shop. *sigh*

We actually debated on going and buying a new car this last weekend. We are tired of it not working. We have one car, we need it to be reliable. If we had two cars, it would be okay if they were both mostly reliable, but didn't work sometimes. But with only one car, both of us working sometimes, and my husband having to go to the ER so often, we need a car that we can count on.

We probably won't just go by one though. We don't want to buy one on impulse. It's not a good idea to just settle for whatever car a person can get. We want to research, shop around, and get a good vehicle for a good price that will match our lifestyle, and our coming family, and our budget.

The good news is that the next car we get is mine :) I get to pick it out. Selo and I switch back and forth when choosing our cars. He got his Mitsubishi and I got my truck about the same time. Then we got his Jetta. This time, it will be my car. Plus, we are planning to buy a newer car that still has a warranty on it. I want a four door vehicle, possibly an SUV, that will hold two car seats and two adults. I want power locks and windows, and I want to be able to sit in it not sit down in it. I want to be able to get my kids in and out without having to wiggle and struggle. I want a nice size trunk to carry anything that we need. We've been thinking about a Subaru, or a Saturn- maybe a Saturn Vue.

Honestly, we are both looking forward to having a good car. We drive to work together, and spend a lot time together in our car. We owe less than $800 on our Jetta. That's not very far away until we can use it as a trade in and get something that is a lot more reliable.

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