Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More info about donating to the pets when you shop - Smith's

I had a lot of questions about linking other grocery store shopper cards to NMHP. So I contacted the Fundraising and Event Coordinator for No More Homeless Pets. Here is her response:

Hi Marie,

As far as I know, Albertsons is the only grocery store chain with a Community Partners program. No More Homeless Pets in Utah is included in that program along with a number of other charities. I don't think that Macey's or Harmon's has any similar programs.

Smith's has the "Smith's Pet Club" which is linked to your Fresh Value card. With this program, you receive a $9 certificate for every $100 you spend on pet products. When a certificate is redeemed, Smith's gives one dollar to help local homeless pets. This money doesn't automatically go to No More Homeless Pets in Utah - Smith's determines which charity to give the money to.

Thank you so much for linking your card and for spreading the word!!
We are very grateful for your support! Please let me know if you hear of any other grocery store programs of which I'm not aware.

Thanks again,

(((Info removed for privacy)))
Thanks for everyone that is out there helping out. You are wonderful!

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