Friday, February 27, 2009

It hurt, but it didn't kill us

We had our taxes done today. We knew we were going to have to pay because of the mess with Selo's ex wife, and we were expecting to pay A LOT. (You know how that goes.) Thankfully, it is over with. We had them done, we know the total, and we can make a plan. Plus, we will never ever have to deal with that kind of mess again. So, we are right in the middle of the worst part, BUT it will only get better from here. We have until April 15 to get the money together. If we can't do that then we can call before that date and make payment arrangements. As of tomorrow, Selo and I are going to figure out our new financial plan, and decide from there. And when it's all over, we are going to look into Outer Banks rentals. We wanted to go there the whole time we lived close, but never got the chance. We want something to look forward to, and that's it.

Found out something interesting while we were there, though. Did you know that 1 in every 186 people will be audited? That number is huge! Selo has been audited before (again, thanks to a mess from his ex wife, which luckily he got his name cleared on). It wasn't as much of a messy situation as I had always heard it would be, but it was agonizing none-the-less. It's hard to believe that 1 in 186 people go through that every single year.

My WW today went really well. I had my normal breakfast, a good lunch, went out to dinner, and as of right now I am right on for my points. I will probably use some of my weekly flex points tonight to have a snack of either pretzels or ice cream, but it won't push me over then either. This is so much easier than I thought. I'm getting suspicious whether or not I will actually lose weight on it. lol

I'm off to bed. I know it's not even nine yet, but it's been a long hard day. Work was awful today, taxes sucked, and my hormones are still all wacked out. I think some extra sleep will do me good.


Heidi said...

I like doing taxes early that way I have time to prep in case I have to pay out. And hey, easy (WW) is not always a bad thing.

Melissa said...

When you have your baby and your house you will probably be receiving money!

*Marie* said...

Heidi- We like to get our taxes done outside of the rush. Meaning not first thing in February when all the early birds are there and not in April right before the deadline. And I'm still loving WW. I've already made it to my first goal.

Melissa- I look forward to both of those, and tax reasons are the least of them!