Thursday, February 26, 2009

Totally Psyched

First of all, I want to shout out a big huge thank you to my girl "The Chick". She has provided me with tons of info, a spreadsheet, website links, and best of all support and encouragement to get going on this.

I started out thinking about weight loss pills. Not a huge fan, but I googled weight loss pill reviews and came up with a million and a half hits. Got overwhelmed, and gave up. Then I started asking some friends on Twitter, and that's when it all started.

I am so motivated now to get healthier and get fit. I'm not fat or on the brink of a heart attack by any means. But since Selo and I are planning to get pregnant soon, I want to be healthy! I've been working out three times a week, drinking tons of water, and now I can add eating healthy in there, too.

The Wii Fit has been awesome. My goal is to work out three times per week, and I've done that every week except for the week I was sick. With the Wii Fit, there is a body test each time you work out. So I have my weight and BMI measured each time I work out. Wii Fit helps you set a health goal, and recommends work outs, exercises, and games on the Wii Fit to help you achieve your goal within the time frame you picked. It charts it for you, marks your goals, and stamps each day with a progress stamp. I am loving it. I haven't had this much fun- or been this consisent!- working out since I was in high school. And compared to dance and drill team, this is only second best. But I am loving it all the same!!!

I have been practically drowning myself in water. I was trying to get a daily 64 oz, but I felt like it was WAY too much. I couldn't handle that much liquid! So I've cut back to 48 oz per day, and I'm doing a lot better. I drink most of it while I'm at work, so 3/4th is done by 4pm every day. That leaves 8 oz of water for the rest of the night. AND I can still drink my milk and juice, too. I don't drink any soda, carbonation, or caffine either. I'm doing pretty well at the water part.

Now, for the newest addition. I'm going to be doing the Weight Watcher point thing. Yep, I'm jumping on the band wagon with this one. I have never done a weight loss diet before, I've always been trying to gain weight! Up through when I was 23, I weighed 105 lbs. The year I got married, I finally got up to 115. Well, now I am 26 and my metabolism has finally slowed down and the eating has caught up to me enough that not only did I gain weight but I kept it on. I weigh 138 lbs. I know that's barely in the normal range, but hear me out. I have a bit of a pudge around my middle and my clothes are a bit tighter than I would like. So, I'd like to lose 8 lbs. I would like to stay withing the 125 - 130 range. I think that's a good, healthy range. When we get pregnant, I won't be so skinny that the baby will need everything I have to grow (which is what happened to my mom when she had my middle sister). I will be healthy enough to carry our baby. Plus, if I lose 8 lbs, my clothes will be more comfortable again and I should have more energy.

Blythe has explained it all to me, given me a totally easy spreadsheet to track points with, and websites to look up what foods have what points and point conversions. All I have to do is plug in the info. How easy is that? So I'm going to learn portion control and to recognize when I am full. And I will learn how to maintain my weight, so combined with the exercise and water this is a long term thing rather than a quick fix that doesn't last long. I've even set up goals to help me lose and keep the weight off. A new shirt at 135, a new pair of jeans at 130, and a new dress or skirt when I've kept the weight off for a certain length of time (haven't decided how long yet).

I am so excited. Selo is completely in support of my new get healthy habits. He says I already seem happier just having some goals placed. He is pleased that my goals are long term instead of "lose it fast", and he's pleased that I have rewards set up for when I reach smaller goals. How great is that, that I have a husband that supports me so pro-actively. I couldn't ask for a better man. And another great part? "The Chick" is my new "WW Buddy". She cracks me up. She's so enthusiastic and encouraging. I can see how this plan works, and how it helps so much to have support with it!


The Chick said...

Woohooo! You can do it! This is going to be great.. for both of us.

Melissa said...

you're the same age as me :) I think the Wii fit thing sounds awesome! I would like to try it sometime.

Smirking Cat said...

I love the WW points! Anything I can track, graph, fill in, chart, etc. like a geek gets me excited, ha ha.