Sunday, February 1, 2009

So far with my Wii Fit

Things have been going awesome. Not only do I absolutely love the Wii, but now I use it as my workout buddy too.

I have felt more energy lately. I sleep better, and I am happier. They say exercise helps with both of those, ya know.

One of the things I am enjoying most, besides the awesome improvements in my body, is the Yoga. I like the deep breathing, the concentration, the "inner self" of it. That part has been really helpful for my anxiety. And I've noticed a big difference overall. I seem to be calmer and less emotional in situation. I know, it's not all because of the Wii or because of Yoga, but it's a good help anyway.

I like the fact that the Wii Fit keeps track of my scores, weight, BMI, and all the details. All I have to do is show up. Which isn't hard because it's in my own home!

Anyway, my overall review of the Wii Fit is that it rocks. Totally and completely.

(For those of you still looking for diet pills, maybe exercise isn't enough for what you are wanting, look at lipofuze. Good luck!)

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