Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Good To Be Friends Again

Selo and I have been with Sprint for five months now. The first four months were great. No problems, no complications, no trouble. But it seems like since Christmas, Sprint has been putting me through more mood swings that the hateful ex wife. Things have been up and down and back and forth and good and bad. The frustration was really starting to get to me! But alas, unlike a drama filled ex, Sprint seems to have realized the error in their ways and are coming back to the good side.

They are not only being cooperative, but they are doing what they can to make up for the crap they put us through. Thank you, Sprint.

We like Sprint. We like our plan (Simply Everything - 1500 minutes, unlimited text, pic, vid, internet, GPS, and data), we have three phones (one for me, one for Selo, and one for Selo's grandma), and we mostly like our phones (Selo loves his HTC Touch Pro, I mostly like my Instinct (but I would prefer an actual keyboard), and Grandma is just happy to have a phone). All in all, it works for us.

In the last month or so, we've had a few problems. I had someone call me to tell me a problem I reported was fixed, only to find out that not only was it NOT fixed, but she had no idea what it was in the first place. WTH? I had to complain and beg to get a referral bonus that they offered us. And tonight, I found out we had been misinformed when inquiring and purchasing the insurance on our phones.

I was unhappy. And, like any good customer, I called in to whine about it. The poor lady on the phone was so nice though. She was pleasant and calm and understanding. And once she was done apologizing, she went through the options of what she could do to help me. I hate when reps apologize with "Sorry, there's nothing to be done". This chick was great. She explained what she COULD do. Oh what a difference it made. Once she fixed the problem, she reviewed my account to check on the other items that hadn't been progressing. And what does she see? Progress. It didn't stop there, she got two other people involved to get two other complications fixed.

Now, we have a $150 credit on our coming bill, plus a 20% discount from this point forward on all coming bills. $100 is a rebate and $50 is for a referall. We also got the $50 that was supposed to be credited to the card they sent us a few weeks ago. And the best part, is they are going to be replacing Grandma's phone with a new phone- at no cost.

I'm happy again. I feel that Sprint and I are back on the same page again as to where my account stands, the features, and the monthly bill. I feel that I have been compensated for the time that was wasted on the phone with the stupid girl that called without knowing why. And I have confidence that from this point on, I will have the service that we signed up for. I am much more pleased with Sprint now than I was even one week ago.

Thanks Sprint. It's good to be friends again.

PS I would also like to give a shout out to Bobbie for getting Barbara involved. Thank you!


grassyhill said...

OMHeck, I wish that I could get my phone fixed... Andy and I went to a Corp. Store again on Monday and we sat in the store for almost 2 hours... And they could still not fix our phones... they said that we now have to go to a repair location and see if they can help with the phones...

PS... I am very glad that all is working out for you guys... Send some good luck my way...LOL

grassyhill said...

So Andy and I went to Sprint again yesterday, they said that we needed to leave the phones for about 2-3 hours. So we did, we went and ran to pay some bills and then went back and got the phones... come to find out, they did a master reset on our phones... and it killed both of them, so they had to replace them... so we now have new phones and everything is working great on them. I just hope that they keep working for more then 30 days this time!!! LOL

Smirking Cat said...

The worst EVER is Bell South. I spent 2 hours on the phone with them once because they were charging me for someone else's cell phone! Finding a good customer service person is such a blessing.