Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

It was nice to have a long weekend last weekend.

Friday night was awesome. The girls and I went and saw the movie, and it was really funny. There were even some parts that I didn't expect in it. After the movie, some of us went to eat and stayed for a while. We all had a blast, and are going to make plans to do it again. It's nice to go out and have time with the girls.

Saturday I woke up with a cold. Selo had just gotten over it, so he took care of me to help me through it. First he snuggled in bed with me for a while. We watched the snow fall outside (it was pretty!) and watched our cat in the window. Even though I was sick, it was a romantic morning. My sweet husband made and brought me food in bed, he kept me bundled up, he was there anytime I needed or wanted something. I seriously have the bestest husband in the world.

While I was sick, he re-arranged our computer area. We have one long table and one corner desk. He switched us around so he was on the long table and I was on the desk. It worked out a lot better than either of us had hoped. Now he has a computer desk. A desk that will hold all of his computers, monitors, keyboards, mouse pads, and anything else he needs. I have this beautiful and very effectient work space. On one side is the PC with the dual monitors and pull out keyboard. On the other side is where I can put my Mac and there is open space for me to handle paperwork, mail, and files. In the center in the corner is my printer/scanner/copier/fax (that I got for $10 with my Mac- thank you Mac store!). The end effect is a very workable and functional space that is classy and elegant. And, since he was doing all the heavy lifting and moving around, he gave me a job he thought I could handle. I got to clean a keyboard. lol I took all the keys off, then soaked them in Oxy Clean. I cleaned the empty board of the keyboard. Then I layed all the keys out on a towel so them to dry. Selo thought it was cute that I wrote "I LOVE U" with the keys for him. All in all, it was a good weekend. Selo did an awesome job of taking care of me, and I was almost over my cold completely by the time I had to go back to work. With all of the moving and organizing, we are going to have a much easier time keeping up with our business and keeping our house (at least that part) clean and organized.

A couple of weeks ago, Selo bought three bookshelves for our front room. Two full size and one corner unit. So far one of them has been put up, but it has already made a difference. We have high hopes of getting the rest of our front room completely organized once we have all three shelves up and in place.

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