Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At least the state is paid

Today, I paid our state taxes. Yay, it is over.

We still have our fed taxes to pay. That will be the one that really hurts. But we are saving up, and making progress.

I'm glad to have at least the state paid. One less thing to worry about.

Grandpa went home from the hospital, and is doing well in his recovery.

My BIL is hanging in there. There will be a small, private service held for his father this Saturday.

My step-mom's situation is worse than I first heard. The doctor's are suspecting cancer. Her surgery is on Friday, and we are hoping to be told it was just nothing.

No new info about my aunt. America's Most Wanted showed the picture of the accused murderer on TV last week, but no leads came from it. AMW will be doing a full profile and airing a full segment on this situation. We are hoping for some leads from that.

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