Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dealing with crisis

Yesterday was a bad day for my family. All sides of my family. Every time I called another family member, I found out more bad news.

First, my step-mother is having a surgery to remove part of her tongue. The doctors are not sure what the mass inside her tongue is, but are concerned enough that they want it gone right away. It will be biopsy-ed once it is removed to determine what it is and the risk it posses.

Second, Selo's grandfather had heart surgery. He was taken to the ER Tuesday night because of chest pain, and it was discovered that his heart kept stopping. He has had a pacemaker put in, and is expected to recover well.

Third, our (Selo and I) brother-in-law's father was found dead on Wed, after having frozen to death. (For those of you in Utah, this was the story on the news about the man and woman found near the Oxbow jail.)

And last, the most scary at this very moment, my aunt has been kidnapped. She worked at the jail where a double homicide suspect was being held while awaiting his trial. They were seen together in her personal van shortly after his escape, but neither of them have been seen since then on March 21. The story is on the America's Most Wanted website and it was aired last night on TV. We are very scared for her safety, and the police are not giving much hope of a safe return for her.

So if I'm not writing much, now you know why. I sleep with my phone next to my head, and I'm constantly consumed with updates and contact. I've been numb since the first phone call, and during the short moment that I think I can feel emotion again, I find out that I'm emotionally worn out. These are the things that you think will "never happen to my family", but now, they are happening. What caused this to happen? What were they thinking? What is the next step? Why is this happening? And sadly, we just don't have any answers yet.