Monday, March 9, 2009

Celebrating in Las Vegas

We have had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, I went and got my hair cut again. You can read about it and see pictures here.

Friday, I got a promotion at work. I have been working hard for it, and I was so excited. I am now the Seminar Administrator for my company. We have two week long seminars per month, and I am in charge of them. Putting them together, scheduling the food and catering, helping clients when they want tickets to local shows, games, ect, handling all the stats- basically, I do everything from start to finish for it. I am SO excited. It's going to be a great position.

That night we left for our big anniversary weekend. Selo had booked for us a concierge room at the Venezia, which is the private tower of the Venetian. Can you believe that?

Saturday, we went to breakfast in the breakfast room. It was beautiful. Then we hung out in our room and watched some movies from the complimentary DVD library with our complimentary popcorn. We could borrow as many as we wanted and have as much popcorn and drinks as we wanted. I was in heaven.

Saturday night, we got dressed up and went to dinner. We started at a B&B Ristorante. Unfortunately, we didn't stay there long. The ambiance was incredible and the service was fantastic, but we just aren't duck and lamb people. So we made a graceful exit. We opted to stop instead at a little deli and grabbed something a little more . . a little less exotic. After our food (which was yummy!), we went to get in line at to see the Phantom of the Opera. Oh yes, wow, he took me to see Phantom. It was an incredible show. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Worth savings pennies for, if you have nothing else.

After the show, we went back to the room. In the room, a romantic bath had been set up. Rose petals, apple cider with wine glasses, chocolate covered strawberries, romantic music playing. I couldn't believe my eyes., and Selo was just grinning at me. Isn't he amazing? Here's a quick video of our suite and the romantic bath.

Sunday, we again enjoyed breakfast in the breakfast room. It was such a luxury. Then we took our time packing. Here's a pic I took of Selo looking out the window of our room. Isn't it a cool picture? The concierge had a bellman come get our bags so we didn't have to worry about them at all, and prioritized our car so the valet would have it ready when we got downstairs. It was so incredibly easy! We stopped for lunch at our favorite chicken place- one we don't have at home- called Raising Cane's. Mmm so good. We've decided we have to go there anytime we are in or near Vegas, because there's just no comparison. We stopped at Fry's, because you just can't go near one without stopping, and Selo got into a video game match with another kid there. It was fun to watch them and watch the challengers. Then we got on the freeway and headed home. There was this fantabulously beautiful lamborghini.

It was a truly amazing weekend. I've never been treated like such royalty from everyone around me. Selo planned such a beautiful and romantic getaway weekend. It was the best weekend either one of us have every had in Las Vegas and best anniversary for both of us. Happy 2nd anniversary to us, we've got plenty more to go.


Jade said...

Ohh girl that's a weekend to be jealous of!

I mean, I have the phantom mask tattooed on my leg for many reasons....

*Marie* said...

You would have loved it, Jade! It was amazing.