Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Promotion

I am loving it. I have been learning and cramming my brain since Monday. I have the rest of this week, and Tuesday of next week until Katy is gone. Then I will be handling the rest of next week completely on my own. I'm doing well, though. Tomorrow, I will be handling the morning all on my own.

I'm learning what a big job this is. As the Sem Admin, I handle all the food and snacks for our clients- including catering from order to cleanup, I handle all the prep for the seminar rooms, I handle JOs and POs and AmEx, and tons of other things. There is so much to remember. It's a good thing the rest of the Sem Team uses lists, or nothing would get done!

The hours are working out well, too. I go in at 7 as usual, but I get to get off around 3, because I work through lunch while I'm working with the seminar. Tomorrow I get to leave around 2, and Friday I'll be out probably around 2 again. It's like working half a day and getting a full paycheck.

And thank heavens for camera phones. I've taken so many pictures and videos in the last few days I didn't know my phone could hold so much. But I will have a record of everything we've done, so that I can mimic it next month when Katy will be gone and I will be making all the decisions.

I just hope I am awake enough in the mornings. I don't think anyone would like it if I mixed up the defac with the caffinated coffee lol


Heidi said...

You're telling me. I am a decaf girl and boy would it kill me and everyone around me if I drank caffeinated.

*Marie* said...

I've wondered about me making coffee. See I don't drink it. At all. So how am I supposed to know if it's good coffee or not? If it's strong enough? lol I can just imagine the look on a client's face if they found out someone who doesn't (and never has) drink coffee is the one making it for them!