Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Weekend

Friday night, we hung out at home and just relaxed. I read an excellent book called Against Medical Advice by James Patterson and Hal Friedman. That book hit home for me. It's about a boy that suffers with OCD, anxiety, and Tourett's Syndrom. I don't have tourett's, obviously, but I deal with OCD and anxiety. It was an eye opening experience to read about how he lived with and eventually overcame these things. I feel that I finally got my anxiety and OCD under control, and then my hormones got all out of whack and unbalanced everything else. I'm on the downside of it now, and my hormones are getting back into balance. This book was amazing to read. It made me grateful for the strength I learned. (I wasn't the only one that loved it. Check these reviews out.)

Saturday, Selo and I went down to the Smiths'. We met Jim at the Timpanogas temple and did an endowment session with him. Then went back and had dinner with everyone. The girls are getting so big! It was so much fun to play with them. Selo and I are even more baby hungry now. After dinner, the girls went to bed and the four adults ate Doritos and ice cream and watched The Illusionist. Cris and Selo had a long talk about Jim's business website, and came up with some ideas to improve it. (Jim is the attorney we had represent us in the child support case. He got it all straightened out, and got us back all of our money!)

Have I mentioned how wonderful it is that the weather is starting to creep towards warm? I'm so anxious for summer I looking at outdoor furniture just to pretend I am warm.

Sunday we went to church with them and kept the girls while Jim and Crystal spoke in sacrament meeting. They did an awesome job. I especially like a part of Crystal's talk where she spoke about showing the love of Christ others, and being able to see them and love them as Christ would. Selo and I handed the girls off the Cris' parents as soon as the talks were over and dashed up to our ward to meet with our bishop. We wanted to go to the Draper temple dedication and had to get our special recommend for it. Once we got them, we stopped at our house long enough to grab the makings for dinner, and then went back down to the Smith's. Jim, Selo and I, and Crystal's dad and brother, all went to the dedication. It was the first one I've been to, and it was amazing! What a beautiful experience. After the dedication, we went back to the Smith's (her dad and bro went home) and had dinner. Mmm it was good. They watched Star Trek while I made dinner. It was nice for Cris to have a break lol.

After dinner, Selo and I went back home. We had a good weekend. It was long, but we had a lot of experiences we will never forget.

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