Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cool site, cool contest

It's three in the morning. I really should be sleeping. But I guess my sleeping is all topsy turvey, because of sleeping all day. I'm feeling better, though, so hopefully I can make it through a full work day tomorrow.

In the meantime, I found this cool blog. It's called Modern Molly Mormon. I subscribed to have their posts sent to my email, and I'm enjoying what I'm reading so far.

Right now, they are featuring another site called Simply Sweet Marriage. I'm all about improving marriages and keeping marriage strong. Marriage isn't easy but it's a life long commitment. That means it's a lifetime of working to keep it fresh, exciting, and strong! Selo and I read books, watch videos, and listen to CDs that gives us tips and ideas to keep our marriage strong.

MMM and SSM are doing a contest right now, giving away two sets of books to improve intimacy in marriage. The contest ends April 16, but there are plenty of ways to enter. I'm doing all I can to win! But since there are two sets, I hope you win, too ;)

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Simply Sweet Marriage said...

Thanks for commenting about us!

We are always looking for new books and CD's to add to our product list...feel free to email us about any favorites!