Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long week

Holy goodness, it's been a long week, already. Work is long and hard this week, and next week will be the same. We've been dealing with some stuff from Selo's work, and are having to consider a permanent move to another state. lol Feels like we just got back to Utah! Aunt Anita was finally found, and she is safe. We are relieved and so very grateful. Beka had a Lia Sophia party, and it was a blast. She ended up having the biggest party the hostess had ever finished, and Beka got a ton of free stuff for it. Way to go! Selo is going to a financial seminar this weekend, and we are hoping for him to learn alot. My step-mom's surgery to remove her cancer is Friday, and we're praying the docs will get it all. I look forward to this weekend, when I can sort of relax. We are planning to spend Sunday with my MIL, so it shouldn't be too bad. Anyway, I'm exhausted. I'll post more later.

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