Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stop answering the phone

I already hate talking on the phone. But I'm learning that I need to quit answering it altogether. Every time I do, it's more bad news.

Yesterday was my step-mom's surgery. She had a lesion in her mouth, and had to have part of her tongue removed. The surgery itself went well, and she was sent home to recover and heal.

A few hours later, she was taken to the ER and was admitted into the hospital. The bleeding had not stopped, but had gotten worse. Even more scary, her tongue had swollen so much that the medical staff was concerned about it blocking her airway.

As of this morning, she is doing better. The bleeding has stopped, the pain is being controlled by morphine, and the swelling has gone down. She has finally been allowed to eat, and has successfully had breakfast. She was told if she continued to improve, she would be released later today to go home.

We are hoping for improvement, and for her full and complete recovery.

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