Monday, April 6, 2009


I am sick. And I hate being sick.

I had the sniffles all weekend, but I figured it was allergies and thought nothing of it. This morning, Selo woke up with a stomach ache. He took some NyQuil and crawled back in bed to sleep it off. Because of his stomach problems, we both didn't think anything of it.

But now that's it's noon, and I've been awake for several hours, I'm exhausted. My head is stuffy, my nose is running, my throat hurts, I don't want to eat or drink anything, and I'm achy. I'm ready to go home and crawl in bed right next to my husband.

Luckily I get off work in less than three hours. (That's the great thing about working the early shift.) I should be able to finish today, and then go home and go to bed- right next to my sick husband. Dope myself up on NyQuil, sleep long and hard tonight, and be well enough for work again tomorrow.

Note: Here's your random link- check out best diet pills that work. Can you tell I'm not that interested in anything today? Oh well.

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