Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here kitty kitty

I've had cats on the brain lately. Not that I'm objecting, because I am a total sucker for them. Right now, my Nobi is sleeping next to me on the bed. We are currently cat-tending for Lola, the furbaby of a chick I work with. She's a tiny little thing, that Lola. Last night, I dreamed about Bellbell. It was a sad dream. I dreamed that everyone else was ready to let her go and let her be put down, but I wasn't ready to I kept hiding her from everyone. In my dream she was shrinking. And Jade, poor Jade, just lost another of her furbabies. My friend Heidi just had another litter of kittens brought to her this evening to foster. I guess it's kitty season in my life.

This is Nobi, waking up for her picture, but enjoying her corner of our king size pillow top bed that she thinks was purchased purely for her.

This is Lola. I couldn't get her to hold still for her photo opportunity. Although her belly pic is lovely, I must admit.

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