Monday, August 24, 2009

Wahoo! It's here! Today is the day we leave on our cruise

I'm blogging this from my phone in our hotel room. I just woke up.

Today is the long awaited day that we leave on our romantic and fun filled cruise getaway. We are SO excited. Selo said many times last night that he's in shock it's happening, in shock that it's here, and feels so incredibily special. He says it's the best birthday present he's ever had (if you remember, I surprised him with it- and had it fully paid for- for his birthday in Feb) and it's a dream come true. lol Isn't that sweet?

We are stopping in Cozumel and Calica. We have a Mayan tour in Tulum, and a segway/ snorkling adventure planned. There will be dinner, and dancing, and midnight deserts, and lots of sunshine. Oh yes, and plenty of relaxation faaaar away from the stress of life.

And it starts today! In just a few hours! Me, my sexXy and sweet husband, on a cruise. Life doesn't get any better than this. Pardon all my exclimation marks, I am totally thrilled!!!


journeygal said...

Have fun! Can't wait to see pictures!

Angela (I am Pooped) Stevens said...

You guys have been waiting and planning for a long time. I'm so glad and happy for you that it's finally here. Yay!!! :]