Monday, August 3, 2009

Another visit to the Emergency Room

First of all, I want to say that I respect doctors, and their medical knowledge. I respect the years they spent learning and specializing, and the fact that - medically- they know significantly more than I do.

My husband was in the ER Saturday night. We have been in a battle with the PA at his neurologist's office because we felt his meds were too high. The first time we went in, we weren't sure exactly what was wrong, and the PA increased the meds. We weren't happy, but he knows what he's doing, right? The second time we went in, we told the PA we felt the problem was that he was over-medicated and wanted Selo to be taken off the dilantin. The PA started him on a different medication, and said once the levels were stable with that one he would start slowly weaning Selo off the dilantin (a process he said would take a minimum of four months). Again, we weren't happy, but at least there was a goal this time.

Last weekend, things got so bad, we went to the ER. Selo was non-responsive, slurring his words, had blurry vision, dizzy, couldn't walk from one room to the other by himself, and was having trouble breathing that wasn't corrected by his inhaler. After 7 hours, an MRI, EKG, and lots of blood work, they found that the dilantin level in his blood was so high it was toxic. He was being over dosed with his seizure medicine.

The ER doctor- who DID listen to me and take me seriously- told Selo (well, told me, since Selo was out of it and I keep track of his meds as closely as he does) to have him skip Sunday's dose, and call the dr on Monday to find out what to do from there. Yesterday, Selo woke up feeling better, and was showing improvements.

This morning, I called the neurologist's office. The receptionist said she couldn't get the neurologist on the phone, couldn't talk to him, and couldn't set an appt with him. The office manager was out of the office, so she couldn't get permission to do anything. After her very unhelpful speech about her NOT doing anything, I pretty much gave her all my anger and frustrations. She said that either she or someone else would call me back by four o'clock with answers to my questions- all of them.

Thankfully, I did receive a call. Selo is to not take anything today, take a partial dose tomorrow, and we have an appt with the neurologist (not the PA, but the actual neurologist) tomorrow at four o'clock. And the person that called me back was knowledgeable, kind, and answered every question I had.

Now, like I said before, I respect the PA's medical knowledge. I respect the fact that he went to school, studied and learned, and is probably good at what he does. However, when we have gone in there several times telling him something is wrong, and then still end up in the ER for the very thing that he was told was wrong, I am NOT a happy wife. I am furious. This is my husband's health. And not just a bump or a booboo. This is serious stuff. I am ticked off that we had to go to the ER before getting help, when we had three appointments in two months to get help for this. And I'm ticked that my husband has to live this way because the PA decided not to take us seriously and make some changes. I am hoping that tomorrow when we see the neurologist he will be more sensitive and know that although I don't know the medical ins and outs of the brain and seizures, I do know my husband and I know when something is wrong. This is the last chance this office has. If we don't feel comfortable walking out tomorrow, we will find a new neurologist.

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Lera said...

Yikes! So sorry this happened. How awful! Hopefully now everything can get straightened out.