Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I found my Lia Sophia earrings!

I *love* these earrings. I have three pair of Lia Sophia earrings. I bought two, and my sweet husband gave me a pair for Mother's Day. They are all so light and airy, not heavy in my ears at all.

I put my one favorites away somewhere safe so I wouldn't lose them, and couldn't find them! I wore the other two all the time still, but I missed my others. And then, I found them. It was wonderful!

You can tell that I've been on an earring kick lately. I just love pretty danglies. I'm not into the hooker hoops, though, ugh. I want my earrings classy and fun.

I really need to get something to hold my earrings. The only three pair I own are my Lia Sophia ones. lol I don't need anything else when I have Lia Sophia.

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Jade said...

I only really wear 'different' earrings. I can only wear studs at work so I have little wrenches and hammers, safety pins, dinos, little stick men, etc. I love them =)