Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pictures of our new home

The house
The kitchenThe dining room and other half of kitchen (all those boxes are gone now, so it is much cleaner- yay)The patio (out the sliding glass door in the dining room). The backyard is HUGE. The hallway. Going down the hallway: first left- main bathroom, first right- soon to be nursery, next left- laundry area, second right- office, straight- master suite.The main bathroomThe soon to be nursery. I'm still deciding exactly what I want for the nursery theme. The master bedroomThe master bathroom
No pictures of the office or front room yet, because we haven't gotten that far. The yard has tons of rose bushes. I can't wait for spring. We love our new home. It is perfect for our growing little family. And, like I mentioned before, the rent is the same price we were paying for our one bedroom apt. So we gained a dining room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a washer/dryer, and reserved parking LOL We are very blessed. We plan to stay here until we buy a house. (No, we were looking but decided against it. With a baby on the way, and Selo's work moving sometime this year, we decided it would be better to wait. But, we are happy with our home, and won't outgrow it before we buy a house of our own.)


journeygal said...

So cute, I love it! Especially the wood floors. And that's so great that you'll have your own washer/dryer!

Val said...

So exciting about the house! Where are you guys at now days? Can't wait to see pictures of the rest of the place and a picture of all those rose bushes in bloom later this year.

Jade said...

It's adorable! I'm so jealous of all those cabinets in the kitchen!!