Monday, January 4, 2010

Help Find Susan Powell

What would you do if your mother, sister, wife, or friend disappeared? The family and friends of Susan are going through their list right now. Their latest method is a media blitz to send out waves of information to find her. What can you do to help?

First, watch this video with her details and pictures, so you are familiar with her

Next, follow FindSusan on Twitter, and retweet the ones you feel are helpful.

Third, join the purple ribbon campaign and post her missing posters in places you see they aren't yet. Help to spread the word in your local area.

More? Join the media blitz. Check out the blitz on, stay up to date on the progress, and read up on the other ways you can get involved. Every person's help makes a difference. In today's world, we use the internet to get word out. You can blog, tweet, and post on facebook and youtube. Things we all do every day anyway. This is a great way to keep the information circulating.

1 comment:

Timmy said...

Thanks, Marie for taking part! Susan was a close friend of ours for many years and this is just shocking. You might also point folks to which is the Official Facebook Group, "Friends and Family of Susan Powell". Thanks again for your help! Tell that hubby of yours Hi for me!