Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am grateful

I have been part of many online groups and networks, as my living situation and marriage have grown and developed. I start with a second wives club, added a step-mom group, was part of various crafting and hobby groups, browsed TOC and TTC groups, and then happily added pregnancy groups. I have found support and friends on all of these, and have some lasting friendships. All of these groups have helped me through some difficult times, and have aided me in perspective and a positive outlook.

Today, I wanted to express my thanks for where I have been, and the path I am on. Selo and I had a very rough time dealing with issues from our respective pasts, and I find myself grateful for the experiences we endured that now make us stronger people individually and have a stronger marriage. I appreciate the wonderful girls and all the insight given from the perspective of being a step-mom, and learning understanding and endurance, and to see the bigger picture of co-parenting and the smaller picture of observing situations through a child's eyes. I feel confident that if I want to learn something all I have to do is seek out the way to do it, and I will be able to accomplish any goal.

And, here I am now- in a committed marriage with a wonderful man, carrying a child we planned, prepared for, and conceived together. I have never felt so much love for my husband. He is the perfect man for me. He has strength where I have weakness. He has knowledge where I am without. He appreciates me for picking him up from work, making him dinner, and providing a clean home, and *melt my heart* he thanked me the other day for carrying our child.

We waited a few years to have our first child. From our past experiences, we felt it was important to have a strong and stable marriage before bringing a child into our family. Because of this, we both have a deep appreciate for our new little one. We know what a blessing it is to simple be able to conceive, and then be able to carry a child. Even through the ongoing morning sickness, the pain in my ribs every time I take a breath, the pressure put on already curved back, we have been blessed that my body is able and strong enough to carry a child. I am constantly amazed that I have a little person, a living growing part of my husband, inside my body. I feel him kick and punch and jump. I get to experience his excitement when he hears his daddy's voice. A little man that will carry on my husband's name.

I am overwhelmed with all of my blessings. I am grateful for the lessons and hardships, because that gave me knowledge I would not have otherwise obtained. And, I have a perspective of appreciate for all we have been through. Looking back on it all, I realized how small the world is, and how great the potential each of us has in it.


Brenda B said...

Lovely words.

Val said...

It is amazing isnt it?