Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mealtime Makeover - Three meals so far

Although I love the simplicity this subscription brings to our lives, the jury is still out on the meals.

The first meal was fish tacos. As I've stated before, DH is allergic to fish so we slightly edited this meal. Instead of fish, we used ground beef. Other than that change, we enjoyed the meal just as it was suggested. Sorry, I didn't get a picture.

This next meal is a italian noodle casserole. It was good, but not as good as I expected. Thankfully, it was fairly simple, and seems to save well. Next time, I'll add a bit more flavor (probably some italian seasoning), and a bit less noodles, mix it all together instead of layering it (except the top coat of cheese and croutons), and I think it will be better.

This third meal I was very excited about . . . and ever so disappointed when it was a flop. This was a french toast bake. It sounded so good, with the blueberry drizzle over the cinnamon/sugar topping. Unfortunately, it didn't bake very well, and was completely soggy. I don't know about you, but soggy bread is not appetizing to me. The idea of it is delicious, the blueberry drizzle was very tasty and original, and the bacon on the side was a nice touch. Next time, I plan to bake this covered, and for as much as double the time, hoping it will bake away the sogginess. If it works, it will be fantastic. If it doesn't, well, the soggy bread speaks for it.
Tomorrow we're having BBQ chicken, potato salad, and lime/honey cantalope. This one shouldn't be too hard to mess up because it's a nice simple meal. Bake the chicken with the BBQ sauce, deli potato salad, and a cantalope. I'll keep the pictures and reviews of the meals coming.

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Amber said...

If you want a good French Toast Bake recipe, I have one that is really yummy.

*Marie* said...

I would like to find one that is good - and bakes all the way through. Have you had any trouble with yours getting it fully baked? I'd love to have it, thanks for the offer.