Friday, April 6, 2012

SlimKicker - a great new fitness site with app

Say hello to SlimKicker! This is a brand new get healthy website with a corresponding iPhone app. Here's the basics about it:
The app makes living healthy, eating healthy, and fitness into an RPG game, where users earn points, 'level up', and earn badges as they accomplish their health goals. Every time something healthy like a fruit is added to their food log, points are earned toward the next level. Every time a workout is completed, points are earned toward the next level. As they achieve more, they'll level up and unlock badges.
The whole idea is to shift people's attitude towards healthy living as fun, and enjoyable.

I checked out the site and the app, and I love it. The website is great- love the colors and interface, and the simple popup explanations upon first login. The challenges are a fantastic idea, I can't wait to dive into that. What a great way to offer motivation and success.

Another bonus? It's completely free. I am one of the many that doesn't pay for any websites or apps because there are so many out there. And the fact that this one doesn't have annoying add all over it makes it twice as great.

No android app yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be on the market soon.

Here's something I love about this- there are different challenges to achieve, in addition to the overall health goals. Some of the current challenges are No snacks after dinner, 10 wall squats a day, and Move during commercials. They are simple, attainable, and easy to incorporate into any lifestyle. In addition- because that isn't awesome enough already- there is one challenge each week (I think it's each week), that gives away a prize. The current "prize" challenge is Slow Down Challenge, where it encourages users to do 1 thing each day more slowly -eat, work, exercise, commute, or end the day- while informing of the benefits of doing each item more slowly. The prize for this challenge is Cuisinart Slow Cooker.

I will be keeping an ongoing review of this for a while. I plan to really get into the site/app and make some progress with it. But don't worry, I'll be writing as I go along, so as to not miss the entry into the program and small successes.

I'm excited to get started!

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