Monday, October 1, 2012


When I went to the What Women Want Expo several weeks ago (thank you, Marie, for the free ticket!), I found many things to enjoy. I got a great deal on earrings (6 for $10) and splurged away. I found a booth called Ringmasters selling CTR rings and shape bracelets and a Happy Birthday plate (to be used for the birthday person on their birthday) and other great finds. I was brought into a state of nostalgia when I saw a booth for Usana and was reminded of my childhood when my parents were involved. (My husband and I have our first order in and waiting for shipment, and looking forward to feeling healthier in our lives.)

This post, however, is not about any of the above, but about another great find. The ClubFHE booth. This organization has put the brains and brawn behind FHE, and has simplified my life. They have put together 50 weekly family nights- including lesson, materials, and organization. I am thrilled! The very idea blew me away. I bought the whole package right then and there, and very proudly carried the box home with me. Since we were new to this club, we decided to take things a bit slow, and do our first FHE with the club as an intro the club. Basically, we opened the box as a family on family night. I'm no photographer, but here are a few photos:

The front of the box

The lessons in my box were divided into quarters, for each quarter of the year
(You may also purchase them monthly, and the lessons would be sent in monthly boxes.)

This is everything that is included in the first quarter's box. 
ClubFHE manual, white board, FHE part chart, 12 lessons
(divided into individual bags, with the needed hands on activity and parts)

FHE part chart and white board. The white board comes with sticky strips if you would like to mount it somewhere. The FHE part chart is magnetic and can be kept on the white board or put on the fridge or other magnetic wall. It comes with six blocks (one side is magnetic to stick to the Part Chart) and a labeling marker to write names on the blocks.

As you can see, my little one is already having fun with this. He spent quite a while playing just with the Part Chart and blocks. I am pleased with the organization and detail included in this as a whole, and with each lesson. They have a simple idea, with a hands on activity, and more detail for expansion. We are going to be using this to teach our two year old, but feel we will be able to keep repeating the lessons for several years, because of how fun they are, and how we will be able to add to them as he gets older and has a longer attention span with more understanding. 

Here is the ClubFHE website. For anyone wanting to spend more time as a family, and looking for a way to maximize the time, this is a great "Club" to join.

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The Smith's said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments on the club- they truly make us smile! We are so very glad to hear that your Family Home Evenings are going so great- keep up the good work!

Gentry Smith with Club FHE