Monday, October 8, 2012


Week 2 of ClubFHE, we started with lesson 1. (If you remember last week, we reviewed the program, so that we would be informed of how to proceed and prepared to go.) Lesson 1 was "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints".  I made a copy of the into page, which lays out the assignments for Opening Prayer, Song, Lesson, etc, then wrote the assignments on that page (instead of in the book). The hands on activity is a favorite of my 2 year old - blocks! There were several blocks of different shapes and sizes, each labeled with a "piece" of our church (priesthood, The Bible, prophets, etc). When all the pieces are built together, the form the shape of a church. The lesson goes into more detail about each block and it's significance, but for our little one we simply named the names of each block and built the church. As he gets older and has more understanding we will discuss more. This was a cute lesson, very simple and fun for our little guy, and interesting for DH and I to see laid out this way. Preparation took about 10 minutes (making assignments, reading the lesson) and the FHE itself took about 15 minutes, from opening to closing prayer. And, of course, we had to have a treat, which we had a banana =) 

Stay tuned for next week's lesson on Faith. 

(Sorry there are no pictures this time. My camera is no longer functional, and I have a loaner phone for 3 weeks until my new one comes in. I promise lots of pictures, once I am able to take them.)

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