Friday, November 30, 2012

The countdown has begun

Today was the last day I put in my contacts. The last day I pulled out the contact case and solution, dropped two drops into the contact, opened my eyelid, gently touched my eye, and blinked the contact into place. 

I am having my eyes corrected. I am having PRK

I have terrible vision. From the time I started school, I have always had bad eyes. My left eye is a negative 7.5, my right eye is a negative 8.0. I have only met a handful of people in my life with eyes worse than mine. I was always called four eyes in school. I have to purchase special frames to hold the coke bottle lenses, even though they are polycarbonate. It costs several hundred dollars, even with insurance, to purchase new glasses. Contacts are another story. Contacts make my eyes red and dry, causing me to look like someone using illegal substances constantly. I reserve contacts for special short occasions. Going without either? Not an option if I want to walk a straight line or see anything more than a fuzzy blob of shadow coming at me. I can't even distinguish color differences without, because my vision blurs together so much. 

In 14 days, my life will be changing. I will lay down on a table, unable to see the faces around me, and sit up 15 minutes later able to see the clock across the room. Let the countdown to my new life begin.


Melissa said...

My eyes are about that prescription as well. Please let me know how your experience went, I am considering getting that procedure done in a few years.

*Marie* said...

Will do, Melissa. I am very excited about it.