Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Days to go

7 days! Actually, since it will be finished at this time in 7 days, I am down to six days. Can you believe it? A week from today, at this hour, I will be finished with my eye surgery.

People keep asking me if I am nervous. My honest answer is that I’m too excited to be nervous. All of my energy is happy and excited and there’s nothing left for nervousness or anxiety. I was curious what the surgery would be like, so I found a video on youtube. As you can see, there is no cutting at all. One of the reasons I’m not nervous


A lot of people have also asked me where I’m getting it done. I will be having my surgery done at The Lasik Vision Institute. I visited a few places and had a few complimentary consultations before deciding where to have mine done. The Lasik Vision Institute gave me the best feeling. The people here spent a lot of time with me, telling me about my eyes, how the human eye works and what condition my eyes were in. They discussed with me the different options available (Lasik vs PRK), and how my eyes would do with each option, as well as preparation, surgery time, cost, and recovery time for both. I was given the mobile number of one of them in case I had questions after I left. I have called their office a few times, and I have text them many times. They have ALWAYS taken time to answer my questions- and my husband’s questions. I have confidence that this treatment is not just to get me in the door, either. I have seen how they care for patients, and I know I will be just as cared for after I have my surgery.

(((To answer the unspoken question, yes I did look into Hoopes Vision. Hoopes on the other hand, was terrible. Hoopes had the highest prices. For that much, I expected fantastic service . . . and was tragically disappointed. They hearded people around like livestock. I waited close to an hour in the waiting room after checking in and before being taken anywhere. They spoke so quickly it was difficult to understand what they were saying, and never even heard me when I asked them to slow down. They blew off questions when I attempted to get clarification, going back to their standard speech. The whole company had an attitude of being better than their customers. Their dismissive and uncaring attitude had me leaving as quickly as I could, never to return. I decided if that was the treatment, I would rather have my bad eyes than go through that again. )))

Next Tuesday, I have an apt at LasikPlus, to investigate their office and options. I am very satisfied with my decision to go with The Lasik Vision Center, but my MIL had her Lasik done at LasikPlus and had a great experience. I will have to like LasikPlus *a lot* better than what I already have to change, but I won’t rule it out until I’ve given them a chance.

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