Thursday, December 13, 2012

American Express - A terrible way of doing business

As a former American Express agent, I am thoroughly disgusted by this situation, and embarrassed to admit I ever worked for such a company. This is not how I expect to be treated, now how I expect any company to interact with the customers that keep them in business. Obviously American Express doesn't mind losing their customers to such terrible customer service.

Nov 30 -- Requested a reloadable prepaid AmEx, was told card would be to me in 7-10 days. Had decided to use this option to pay a vendor, because of the promise of the ease of use of the card for the vendor and the ease of use to add funds for myself. 

Dec 7-- Called the AmEx reloadable prepaid verification dept at 866-340-2773 to ensure my bank account verification took place. It didn’t, person said they finished it. Said card would be mailed and should be received on Dec 11. (Side note, they took $150 out of my account. How they could do that when they hadn’t verified my bank account is still unknown.)

Dec 12 – Called to find out why card hadn’t been received. Alfredo -Was told it hadn’t been processed. Rep said they finished it, and apologized that previous rep wasn’t properly trained to use system. Hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. Franko – Hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. Jamie – Put me on hold when I asked for a supervisor, stayed on hold for 30 minutes. During that time, I used another phone to call in, and Jamie answered my call (how interesting!). Alfred – Advised he was a supervisor. Gave me plenty of information. Said my card was verified and would be mailed that day. Said it would be sent two day shipping and would be in my mailbox Friday. Gave me his extension if I had any other issues. Advised he appreciated the feedback I gave about the previous representatives, and would be speaking with them to ensure training took place to update on systems and professionalism.
Alredo – hung up on me
Franko – hung up on me
Jamie- on hold for 30 minutes
Jamie  - answered my call while had me on hold
Alred – helpful, but lied. Said he was a supervisor when he wasn’t. Confirmed a lot of information about my account and answered many questions for me. Told me card would be shipped with two day shipping, but that isn’t an option. Although he was very helpful, I am not able to trust any of the info he gave since so much of it turned out to be false.

Dec 13 – Called to verify information given yesterday was accurate. Luanne – Stated my bank account hadn’t been verified. Put me on hold, and when she came back she said she had spoken with my bank and verified it. (Please note this is the second time I had been told my bank account needed to be verified, and the individual on the phone claimed they had verified it.) Stated I should received the card in 7-10 days. I asked what happened to the 2 day shipping, she said it was never an option. What about Alfred? He’s just another CS rep, not a supervisor, and shouldn’t have told me 2 days. Said she would verify she was giving me correct info. Put me on hold, came back, said her TL, Alissa, had confirmed. I thanked her and asked to speak with Alissa. Was put on hold for 10 minutes, then disconnected. Called back and got Alfredo. I asked for Alissa again, and was told she was refusing my call. I began to ask questions about my card again, to ensure it was actually being mailed AND there would be money on it when it arrived, and he interrupted me saying all I could do was submit a feedback form, he was not going to answer any further questions. When I kept trying, he said he was disconnecting the call in 1-2-3 and hung up.  Jennifer – Says it takes 10 days to verify if the account is correct. When I asked if they take the money out before they verify the account is correct, she said yes. To have the money refunded would take 20 days. She took my mobile number and said her Team Leader, Ralph, would call me on Dec 20 to verify I have received the package from AmEx containing my card.
Luanne – hung up on me
(Alissa) – refused my call
Alfredo – hung up on me
Jennifer - Claimed to be on the supervisor line (which I actually believed, finally). Was somewhat helpful. Acted remorseful that the rest of the company was insulting and unhelpful. Sounded as though she would actually follow through with what she was advising would happen. 

As a side note, I paid my vendor with a check, since this card is no where to be found. AmEx stated it would take a minimum of 20 days to refund the $150 they took out of my account. Rather than add an additional level of complication to an already failing situation, I did not seek that option. Instead, I simply paid my vendor, to avoid any additional negativity on my relationship with my vendor. The vendor has been kept up to date on this, and has stated they will never chose AmEx as a business or a personal choice. The same has been said by many of the people that have been around me while I've been on the phone at any given point trying to work this situation out. 

At this point, I still don’t know if I am going to be sent a card. I don’t know if I will ever see the $150 dollars AmEx took out of my account on Dec 7. I know that I will not get any customer service from their supposed Customer Service Professionals. I know that I am hung up on every time I call, even though I do not use vulgar or cuss words. I know that they will continue to refuse when I request to speak with a supervisor or team lead. I know they don’t have faith in their own co-workers or company with the way they state people in their own dept were not trained properly. I know they are not honest, as I get different information every time I call and I have been told someone is a supervisor when they are not. I know they are out to get money, regardless of how they do it, how their customer is treated during the process, or if they ever provide the promised product after they have the money. 

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