Friday, December 14, 2012

Day of PRK

Was very excited before surgery. Hard to sit still. 

Having the "plugs" put in was so simple. A little weird to see what was happening, but didn't feel a thing. 

The "surgery" part of PRK was almost as easy. It was difficult to hold still. He did my right eye first, then my left. Was harder to hold my left eye still. The numbing drops really helped to calm my eyes and help hold still. 

The laser part was easy. I didn't feel a thing. Simply had to look straight up at a flashing orange light. Could see it sometimes and couldn't sometimes. But I still held still. 

They gave me a stuffed dog to hold onto. I laughed at first, but was grateful. It helped me remain still to be able to hold the stuff animal and "pet" it's soft fur. I repeated to myself some of my self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques. 

When finished, I sat up expecting to see perfectly. Not so. It was about half of what I expected. I could see the clock across the hall, but it wasn't perfect. More like I was looking through someone else's RX. 

Went home and went to bed. Since my pain meds wouldn't be ready for a few hours, I took some NyQuil. When it wore off, I woke up and was very glad to have my pain meds right there. The "pain" was borderline between pain and discomfort. At that point, it was still discomfort, but I had been told it would get worse. So I took the pain meds, put in all my drops (3 different kinds), and went back to sleep. Work up a few hours later for the next dose of drops and meds, and went back to sleep. Stayed in a dark and quiet room, with my eyes covered by the protective sleeping shields and an additional sleeping mask. 

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