Saturday, December 15, 2012

Post PRK: the first 48 hours

The border between pain and discomfort is much smaller, spending more time in pain than in discomfort. Although, I had been warned the first 48 hours would be the worst, and I was prepared for this. I continue to listen to my relaxation and pain management self-hypnosis. And I am staying right on time with my pain meds and drops. 

I am taking loratab every few hours. Sometimes I am having ibuprofen in between the loratab. 

I am doing a regiment of three types of drops. The first is a numbing eye drop. This could slow the healing, so it is not as strong as the one used in surgery. The second is a milky one. Not sure why it is milky, but that is what is is referred to by the eye center. Wait five minutes, then put in the third one. I'm not sure which is which, but the second and third are an anti-biotic to prevent infection and a steroid to help with healing. 

I am still staying in a dark room. My eyes are very light sensitive. I still can't see very well. I can see colors and shades of lightness or darkness. I can see height and some dimensions. But I can't read at all. Not even large letters. 

Went in for a quick checkup at the eye center. I wore a sleep shade AND sunglasses in, to keep all light out. As soon as I got there, they took me to a dark room and put in the surgical numbing drops. Then they shone a bright light on my eyes to check the healing. Hooray for the numbing drops because the bright light didn't hurt at all. I was even able to walk out and ride home without having my eyes covered. Got home and went back to bed, though. 

I've been listening to podcasts and radion shows. Mostly Dave Ramsey on iheartradio, because it gives the full 3 hour show. So glad to have the option of listening without seeing, because I think I would go crazy without something to keep me grounded in reality. A person can handle only so much time spent in pain- even if the pain isn't intense- before losing it.

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