Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome to Corporate America

With my love for financial education, and Hubby's long time desire to start his own business, I have spent a little time reading about it. And it's a dang good thing, too. Do you know how much goes into starting a corporation? For example, this nevada corporation. You have to have share holders, and meetings with the minutes recorded, and directors, and bylaws. This Nevada Corporation has help by offering a some free forms to get started. Or they can do the paperwork for you, for a small cost. They can help you get a tax ID number, or help do it for you. They can corporation kits to get you started on the process from the very beginning. There is even an area on their website to teach the difference between different types of businesses.

All of this information is slightly overwhelming to me. I am glad to know there are companies out there that help just to get a business started. Hubby has a business plan in mind. He has never had the opportunity to get it started yet. However, we are getting to the point now, that we are ready to make something of our future. Not just getting a job to support a family. But really making a life for ourselves. A business that we can live with and enjoy while in our working years. A business that will continue to boom and support us when we retire. A business that we can pass down to our children. Now that I know these options are available, I am more willing to take the leap of faith into the world of owning our own business.

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