Friday, February 22, 2008

I Love PU2B

I have been with PayU2Blog since I started doing paid blogging. They have been my favorite blogging company out of all the ones I have tried.

I love that they only require me to add a link to my post, rather than make a whole post about what they tell me to. It gives me more freedom on my own blog, and I don't scare away my readers by writing about stuff I wouldn't normally write about.

I love that my assignments are MY ASSIGNMENTS. I don't have to fight for them. They are sent directly to me, and they are all mine.

I love that I get extra assignments. Lately, I have received extra assignments because of the quality of my writing. I have a perfect record with PU2B and I am loyal to them. Today alone, I received six extra jobs. Six. Not only do they reward me for a job well done by paying me (duh), but they send me extra assignments from the higher ups. I love that I am sought out from the crowd and asked to do extra assignments, because they have confidence in me. It feels good to have my writing acknowledged.

PayU2Blog is definitely my preference. No, I'm not being told to write this, or being paid for this one at all. I will continue to remain loyal to this company because they are good to me, too.

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Melissa said...

I agree, PU2B is my favourite paid posting company as well!