Saturday, February 23, 2008

A New Baby On Its Way

Robert is having a baby. Well, his girlfriend is having a baby. But, he is going to be a father- again. That is so weird to me. But honestly, I am really excited for him. It took me a few days to get used to the idea that the man I had a son with will be having another child. And now, I can't wait. The baby is due on February 27, and could be born any minute now. I know he will be a better dad now than he would have been six and half years ago. He is older, more mature, and in a better place in his life. It is a big milestone for me that one of us is having another child. We still have a good relationship, and talk on the phone or over messaging. (No, we never see each other.) I am happy for Robert. I look forward to going to see his new baby, and maybe even holding it. This baby will be a sister for my son. What a weird thought! I probably won't completely grasp it until I actually see her. But more than that, I really am happy for Robert. He says he is happy, and sounds excited about it. And if this is what he wants, then I am excited for him.

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