Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 1

Selo is having a great time up here. And it seems Katie and Natalie are, too. Everybody is getting along much better than expected, and both girls have plenty more on their list of "to-dos" this weekend.

The drive up here was yucky. The weather was so bad in some parts I was going no more than 15 mph. I've heard of a complete white-out, but that was the first one I had ever experience. I would like to never do that again, if you get my drift. We finally got the hotel around two thirty in the morning, and crashed into bed right away.

This morning, we both woke up sick. Selo is still fighting a cold, only it seemed he was on the losing side of the battle. I woke up sick to my stomach and very quickly ended up in the bathroom. (The drive last night wore on my last nerve.) It took us almost two hours to get up, shower, pack up, check out, and get on the road.

We got into Missoula around one o'clock. Once we made it, Lizz and Will met us at a gas station and we followed them back to their house. Katie and Natalie immediately ran outside and jumped into Selo's arms. It was a great site to see, I only wish it had been recorded. The girls took us inside and sat on the couch showing Selo everything they could. They brought out school work, and baby books (made by Lizz), and digital pets, and blankets, and all sorts of stuff. Selo sat between them on the couch and enjoyed every minute of it.

Then we all went to the carousel. Wow that thing is fast! After the carousel, we went outside and played in the park. Their was a mural type thing of big huge fishes and rocks, which Selo and the kids all played on. By the time they worked up an appetite, we all headed to Ihop. Mmm, cinnamon apple crepes.

After dinner, we went back to their house. Katie and Natalie took Selo and I to their bedroom, and played with them in there for an hour and a half or so. Those girls sure know how to giggle! And every time they did, it made Selo grin like a little kid himself. lol It was great to watch. Lizz came in and said she wanted picture of Selo and the girls jumping on the bed at the hotel. So we packed up, bundled up, and headed out the door again. At the hotel, the girls and Selo jumped on the bed, and even Madeleine got up there. Although, she was more interested in hugging than jumping. They left pretty quickly, because Lizz said it was bedtime for them.

As for pictures, don't you worry. Lizz has taken tons of pictures, and she will be giving me a cd of them. She said she is even going to put her copyright mark on them so I can post them here. So be not afraid, my friends, as soon as she gives me the cd of all the pics she is taking, I will have some up here for you to see.


Callia said...

Yes I will agree, it's going well so far :) I have uploaded some proofed pics to my Flickr you should check them out!

*Mini* said...

Ohhh! Thank you, thank you!

Bobbie said...

Glad to hear it's going well so far!