Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Monday

Mondays are usually easy days for me. I don't have any trouble waking up because I got plenty of rest over the weekend. I have plenty to do at work and I get a lot done. It's Redbox night so I get a free movie on the way home.

But today kinda stinks.

First, we woke up late. The alarm on my phone has been less than stellar lately, so this isn't the first time we've been late because of it. Only today Selo was supposed to be to work bright and early at 7am . . . and we woke up at 7:10. Ugh. So we scrambled around until we got out the door and him to work. He got in huge trouble for it. So I feel like crap. Stupid uncooperative phone alarm.

Next, I am sore. My legs are sore because of all the shopping we did this weekend. Selo and I had a five hours trip, that included several different stores and more money than we planned on spending. (But we DID get all our shopping done, except for a few things for each other which we will get this week, so that was a relief.) My right wrist is a lot worse though. I have carpal tunnel, and it's been acting up lately. I know I need to get back into physical therapy for it, and as soon as the new year starts I'm planning on it. But because of all the crafting and extra computer work I've been doing lately (I'm helping to update a couple of animal adoption sites and I'm the new- and only- writers for another site), my wrists and hands have almost more than they can handle. My left one is alright, I'm able to stretch it out and it's hurting next to nothing. My right one? Ugh, pain.

Plus, Selo's phone is lost. I haven't seen it all weekend, and he doesn't remember it since he went home from work on Friday. It wouldn't seem like a big deal, because he hardley every uses it. We both do almost everything from my phone. However, we needed it this weekend when we went shopping. He needed it this morning to call his boss. And he called his ex and left her a VM asking her to call him back. This weekend was the once in a blue moon we did actually need it.

So I'm cranky today. Not take-it-out-on-everyone cranky, just the frustrated type of cranky. I feel like I'm not doing much good as a wife, I feel like throwing my stupid phone out the window, and I feel like chopping my hand off at the elbow. I probably just need a few more hours and some time to chill out. And I must admit, I do feel better already after getting it out of my head. Hope you are having a better Monday than mine started out as.


Melissa said...

I hope selos first day with his new position goes well and his boss was understanding of him being late.

Crys said...

Boo to no good starts. I actually gave in and bought a timex alarm clock that has two alarms on it. There was one time too many that one of my alarms didn't go off. And it works since me and my fiance have to get up at different times. Sounds like you need a nice hot cup of hot cocoa and some fuzzy bunny slippers to relax a bit. I hope your day gets better!!

*Marie* said...

Nope, his boss was ticked- understandably. And we talked this morning about getting an alarm clock. I had an awesome one, but got rid of it because it sat there for over a year (not even plugged in) and I thought we would use our phones from now on. I'm kicking myself for it.

Melissa said...

I feel bad for Selo. I have a baby for an alarm clock :)

*Marie* said...

lol A baby? Sounds more fun than a regular alarm clock. Maybe we should work on "getting" one of those ;)