Sunday, December 28, 2008

So far, so good

Christmas has been wonderful for us, how about for you? We spent every night last week with one side of family or another, and there was so much food we couldn't even try everything. We received some awesome gifts. lol And I loved watching our family open the pictures.

I got Selo some small things he asked for. I also made him a blanket, because he has been cold so much lately. He didn't think he was getting one, because when he asked me for one while I was making all the others I told him I didn't have time. But you should have seen the look of glee on his face when he opened his. He got me a very nice gift card to Victoria's Secret, so that I could get some new girlie things. *wink wink* He also got me some really good chocolate from Godiva. Oh, it is heavenly. We are still on the search for Wii Fit, though. We even did a little shopping for Nobi and picked out some things for her from the cat and dog supplies. On a shopping trip yesterday, we found a store that had pillowtops on sale for $49 for any size. So we ordered a new one for our bed (we have a king size bed and a queen size pillow top.) to go with our new sheets. And Christmas Day itself was even better than we planned for- Selo's work was locked, so instead of working he was home on Christmas Day. So he is getting paid double time for five hours, and we still got to spend it with each other.

Today, I took our Christmas down. In two hours or less, I had all the ornaments packed up in their case, the tree put away in it's box, and the decorations, cards, and books packed up. It's all sitting next to the couch ready for Selo to put outside. I feel so good to be able to put it all up and take it all down so easily, and still have a complete Christmas from it.

I'm loving music by Michael Buble. I've been listening to him today, and enjoying it thouroughly. People say he was born in the wrong time. But really, can you think of anyone that could bring it back like this? There's just nothing NOT right about his vocals. Pretty good looking kid, too, if ya ask me.

I've gotten a lot of work done on the AAP website. Everyone was amazed at how quickly I was able to get it completely up to date, and that made me feel good. I've been told that a bunch of new fur babies have been adopted in the last few weeks, so I'm sure I'll have more updating to do once the numbers start coming in. Christmas is a good time for new pets.

There has also been some absolutely wonderful feedback on the CMS blog. I can't even begin to describe how that made me feel. Everyone wants to be taken seriously, and wants to know their writing is being read and making a difference. But to be sought out of a crowd and asked to be the writer for a huge website that is known all over the world? Wow.

I'm still working on the other two websites. One is almost finished and will be launched at the beginning of the year. The other is still in Beta for the host and may be a bit longer. But it's progressing, and there are big plans for it.

I took a pregnancy test this morning. Selo and I hadn't planned on TTC until end of next year, and I am still on BC. But with the way he told me he was disappointed this morning when the test was negative, I'm thinking we might be doing the baby dance a lot sooner than end of next year. I've got something really big planned for his birthday, so my focus is going to be on that for the next month. I'm sure we'll be talking more seriously about having a baby after his birthday.

It's a good feeling knowing that this is coming. It's nice knowing that I won't be pushing my husband into having a baby when he isn't ready or doesn't want one. It's comforting to know that he actually wants a child, and not just that we're going to have one because of me or because we got pregnant or because we should. We'll be having a baby because we are emotionally and financially ready, we are mature enough, we are at a good place in our lives, and our marriage is secure enough that we will not only make it through the added stress and joy of a child, but we will grow closer together. We are as prepared as two people can be to have a child, and we will be the best parents we can be when our child is born. Yes, it is a wonderful feeling knowing all of this.

I have almost all of my 2009 Goals defined. Every year, I set ten goals for that year. Not things like "start a diet" or "go to the gym every day". It's things that are actually attainable, have set details, and a specific accomplishment. I'm really looking forward to some of my goals for this coming year. When I think of all that we have went through and all that we accomplished this last year, I am truly amazed. They say what doesn't kill you makes you strong, and Selo and I are definitely proof of that!

Well, I'm off to do more online house hunting. We're going to be setting up some appointments to see some houses within the next little while. Have a great day everyone!

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