Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 2 in LV - Sunday

When we woke up, Isaac was in the kitchen. He cooked us all a fantastic breakfast. It was so yummy. For most of the day, we layed around the condo and relaxed. We played cards, read books, walked around the resort to see the gardens, the pool, ect. Once it was time to take Kristine to the airport, Sue, Selo, Kristine, and I piled into the car to see her off. We dropped her off at the airport around 4pm for her 5:30 flight, and made our way back home.

Walking in the door, we discovered that Isaac was cooking again. It all smelled sooooo good. He had made bbq chicken, pasta salad, and corn. It tasted better than it smelled! Not that I doubted him before, but I see now why he works as a chef. The man certainly knows what he is doing in the kitchen. We were all very happy when we were done eating.

After dinner, Issac, Nicole, and Sue got dressed up to go to the strip. They spent a few hours gambling, playing the slots, trying a few drinks, and sight seeing. Danielle, Beka, Andy, Selo, and I stayed at the resort and lounged around.

Kristine let us know around 7pm that she was STILL in LV- her plane had been delayed. A few hours later, she called and said she was in Boise. She said she didn't know why, but they had just landed in Boise. I called the airline, and found out what was going on. The SLC airport had so much snow and ice, planes couldn't land safely. Since the plane Kristine was on was low on fule, they had to be re-directed to another airport to land. In Boise, the plane was refueling and then turning around to go back to SLC. (SLC had plowed and de-iced. Planes were able to land again.) She ended up getting home, but it was midnight when the plane landed in SLC. Her 65 minute flight from LV to SLC turned into an all night experience.

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