Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 3 in LV - Monday

Monday morning Selo and I got up and left to go an appt we had made. We ended up getting lost on the way, and missing the shuttle. (Stupid directions. I *knew* there was no boat dock in the middle of LV, but the dumb lady kept insisting it was there. Moron.) Instead of waiting an hour and a half for the next one, we cancelled our appt and went to lunch instead.

Back at the resort, everyone was playing in the pool. There are nine different pools. Nine! There was a lazy river, and five hot tubs. It was all a lot of fun. I didn't get in the water, because I didn't like my swimsuit (that's what happens when I gain 15 lbs and try to wear last year's swimsuit- it looks painted on. Yuck), so I layed out in a lawn chair and soaked in the sun.

After swimming, we got ready to go to the strip. This time, we took the shuttle and everyone went- except Sue. We browsed around. We hit the show at Ceasars Palace, and the water show at the Bellagio. The show at Ceasars was blah. It was loud and obnoxious. But the aquarium that is was on top of was awesome. The water show at the Bellagio was totally worth seeing, we all enjoyed it.

Since it was midnight then, we started back to the shuttle. It was a nice comfortable ride back to the resort, and then we all tumbled into our soft beds.

This is the ceiling. Isn't it pretty?
(Pictures taken with my phone.)

These are pictures of the huge aquariam.
Sorry the pictures are blurry, fish don't sit still for photo opps :)

This is the sting ray that was in there. It was really huge!

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