Friday, January 16, 2009

Not too shabby. Not too shabby, at all.

Things are going pretty good right now!

We are going to Las Vegas one week from tomorrow. I am so excited. It will be wonderful to get away for a week. We are planning to relax, play in the pool and the hottub, visit the Las Vegas temple, go on a fancy date, spend time with Sue and the Rochester gang, do a ton of sight seeing, touring, and shopping, and just plain enjoy our break in Las Vegas away from the norm. We reserved our car, and we are splurging just a bit on it. Because of the fantastic deal we get from our timeshare club, we were able to get a fun car for the same price as a regular car. We get to drive a Chrysler Sebring convertable or a Ford Mustang convertible. Don't they both look like fun? I can just see my sexXy husband driving down the strip in Vegas with the top down on our date. Makes me giggle like a school girl with a crush.

Plus, Beka and Andy are coming, too. They just found out they would have no other conflictions, and Beka was able to rearrange her time. So they are flying down there with us, and flying back on Tuesday. I am almost as excited to have them go, too, as I am to just be getting away.

Our car is finished being worked on. It turned out to be better than we thought. They only had to replace the lock cylinder in the driver side door, and they keyed it to fit our existing key. Plus the price was only half of what we were expecting. We will be going to pick it up tomorrow. They are also going to look into getting us a keyless entry for it, to make our lives even easier.

And, work is going a lot better for me, too. I have been given a couple more responsibilities in a couple more divisions of the company. It's made a world of difference for me. I am busier, and I feel so much better. Sitting around doing nothing is just not for me. And I was thinking about the people I work with. I love it here. The people are good people. They aren't drunks or druggies or crude/rude or pushy. I work with professionals, who know what's personal and what's not, know how to set and achieve goals, know when to cross the line and when not to, and know when to be laid back and when to be business. The atmosphere of my work is amazing. I have an awesome boss, a flexible schedule, a good salary, and great people. Honestly, what more could I ask for? I love my job.

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