Monday, January 12, 2009

Two appointments and birthday planning

Quick post, because I am short on time. I have two appointments coming up that are going to be pretty exciting.

This Saturday, I'm cutting my hair. Remember the post about Loving my Locks? Yes, the moment has come. I looked up the info I need on Locks of Love's website, I'm browsing cute hairstyles, I have the appointment made, and the camera ready. Selo and I will be going Saturday morning. I am so excited. So excited. Some cute little kid is going to get my hair. What a fantastic feeling that is!

The other appointment is for Selo and I to see my PCP about having my IUD removed. You know what that means- we are in the Family Planning mode. Or maybe I should say mood. *wink* That appointment isn't until we get back from our big vacation to Vegas this month, but I wanted to set it early to make sure we had plenty of time to get work off and do any research we needed. Oh don't worry, it won't all be facts and charting. We plan on having a good time DTD. lol

We're also having a big birthday for Selo this year. I've always tried to make sure his birthday is very special, because he says no one has before. So I plan parties and trips and stuff. I've done a surprise party, I've done a trip to St George. This year, we're doing a big dinner on the evening of his birthday at one of his favorite restaurants, and tons of his family and friends are coming. Plus, I'm going to have a big surprise for him for his birthday, too. It's going to be a blast.

We've got some great things planned!

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